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Katie | 21 | Student Model Writer | Lives in New York City

Describe yourself?

Funny. Weird and introverted.

How important is money to you?

Money has never been of value in my life as I know first hand what is like to struggle financially, REALLY struggle, and still maintain happiness.

How is life as a blonde?

Everyone thinks I’m so dumb. Especially because I’m blonde. Especially because I’m a model. Because people judge by looks all the time. But honestly I’m quite smart. I have straight A’s. A 4.0. And was two points away from a perfect score on my college prep exam.

Do you like yourself naked?

I don’t love myself naked yet, not entirely. But I’m on my way.
Are you annoyed by too many options?

I love having a lot of options. I certainly don’t have a lot of boy options.

When was the last time you tried very hard to earn somebody's affection very hard?

I definitely try everyday to get the attention of my celebrity crush Timothée Chalamet.

Your most frequent lie?

I lie all the time that I’m ok. I’m rarely ok!
When was the last time you told your mum you loved her?

I told my mom I loved her a couple hours ago. I love her every moment however. I should tell her more often.

May 2018, New York City