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Akua | 19 | Founder of HouseOfAama | From Los Angeles, lives in New York City

Where did you spend your adolescence?
I grew up in Downtown Los Angels – Leimert Park and in the Ingelwood area.

How would you describe your style?
Afro punk or Afro grunge – with a feminine touch.

Which music do you like with which drugs?
I like all music but most of all I like Blues, 60s and 70s (like the Doors) – gritty rap & hiphop, plus jazz, especially Afrocuban Jazz. All of this music have a common melancholy theme to them if anything I would smoke weed with it. But that's not really my thing. My pops is Jamaican so you would think so but not really. (I'm not straight edge though).

What’s that jewelry on your forehead?
A Tigers eye – a chatoyant gemstone.

Does your first name have a special meaning?
My name means Wednesday – it is a Ghanaian name.

Who chose a Ghanaian name for you?
Both of my parents decided on my first name. On my fathers side we trace back to Ghana in specific Ashanti from Jamaica. My parents grew me up with a heavy understanding of my ancestry and with knowing our connection and linage to Africa, it's reflected in my name choice our lifestyle etc. I have twelve siblings, we all have special names. One of my sisters is named Abena – which translates into Tuesday.

It seems as if parents and their kids have stopped fighting existential wars? Do Millennials have no intention to revolt against anything?
Us Millennials? I don’t know. I haven’t had a rebellious adolescence. My mum and I were always very close. In the end there is no secret between us: My mum is a very intelligent, calm und and patient person who gives the best advice. We like working together for our brand House of Aama as well as just hanging out. Does your mum tell you a lot that she was completely different when she was your age? My mum growing up with parents from the South she definitely reminded me that us (our generation) have smart mouths and get away with a lot. But in terms of being different and a black sheep she always says were completely the same.

August 2016, New York