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Ayan | 20 | Student in New York City

Who pays your rent?

My parents. But I really want to be able to pay for my own things and not rely on them.

What’s more important: Being interested or being interesting?

I think interesting people are interested people. I’ve never met someone who self-identified as interesting and actually was.

Did you cover the camera on your computer?

I have this weird thing I do. If I’ve done something embarrassing in front of the webcam, I’ll wave afterwards incase someone is watching. Then they’ll be self conscious that i know they can see me.

Where do you get your daily news?

I avoid news at all costs. If it’s really important I’ll find out and anything else is just sensationalism and scare tactics. And I HATE hearing trumps name.

What do you check first on your phone in the morning?

Instagram for sure.

What was the title of your last essay?

My last essay was called, 1491. It was about the effects of colonization on native American food culture.

How was High School for you?

High school was terrible. Absolutely awful. I had no friends and I hated myself. but I’ve grown a lot since then. It’s all behind me.

May 2018, New York City