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Mari | 16 | From Evanston, IL

Ever want to be the most funny/beautiful/interesting girl in a room?
For a long time, I’ve felt like I’ve always had to be the most perfect and put together version of myself that I could be. But, even at that standard I hold myself, I’m not really ever the most funny or beautiful or interesting person out there. I still get like surprised when people pay me any attention and I don’t want it or care about getting it. I don’t really know why I want to be perfect so badly.
First kiss?
My first kiss was with my current boyfriend’s close friend. We joke about it.
Last selfie?
I took my last selfie with a frozen custard in a Culver's after being at Illinois State Beach Park all day. I look exhausted but excited to be in the presence of dessert.

Autumn 2016, Evanston, IL