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Nika | 22 | Photographer from Brooklyn

Do you like your mum?

What’s more important: Being interested or being interesting?
Being interesting.

Have you ever faked an orgasm?
Have I ever faked an orgasm? Yes! Who didn’t? I want to know/meet that girl.

Biggest gender stereotype we need to overcome?
Women are sensitive. Men are strong. Women are seen as week and man as strong puts people in many compromising positions. Transgender people changing that view a lot.

Can you say no?
No, not really. It is possible, but kind of hard for me.

Are you nice to everyone?

I love everyone. Everyone deserves to be loved.

Do you think almond milk makes sense?
Yes, a live changer! I love almond mild.

Which part of your body do you like the most.
I have a love-hate relationship with myself. Sometimes I like my eyes.

Where do you live?
Lower East Side. I was 18 when I moved out. I always lived with someone. Right now I live completely on my own. I don’t like being on my own. It is scary.

The best thing about New York City?
Being accepted.

The worse?
All that negative that comes with the city. There is a very big drug scene, a lot of bad people – just as many good people, there are many bad people. The moment you get mugged and somebody put a knife on your throat is most fighting.

What means youth to you?
Youth is very important to me. It is something I’m really scared to letting go. I know I will reach a point one day and will not be able to do certain things anymore.

What’s the name of the person you want to kill?
Anna. She is my old roommate. She told my mum my biggest secret.

What’s the secret?
That – I can’t tell.

Any daily rituals?
My art. My writing. That keeps me alive – everyday.

Did you have any resolutions for 2016 you already broke?
Many, yes. I was gonna try to be a lot healthier like life-style-wise. I kind of broke that already. Try to have a closer relationship with my mum. I kind of broke that already, too.

First thought while waking up?
I hope my boyfriend is ok.

Why shouldn’t he be ok? Why do you ask yourself everyday, if your boyfriend is ok?
I can’t tell you.

What’s the impact on your life?
The more I get older I realize I’m a co-dependent person. The first thing I do when I wake up, I always need to speak to my boyfriend or otherwise I worry the whole day.

If you say you are codependent? Do you look for men that you can take care of?

How long have you been dating?
Fifteen months. He is my big love. We have a special bond. It is a very emotional and sometimes difficult relationship but in a way the best thing what could have happen for my work.

I always have found inspiration for my work in dysfunction. I thieve in a dysfunctional environment. It is not good for myself, but for my art. At least I’m making great pictures. Why? My father had a very severe illness and was basically dying in front of us for five years. So I was around all the time. He died when I was 15 but his illness started when I was 10. My mum was the care-taker and I was home-schooled. So from what I was 10 until I was 18 I was my mum’s care taker (pretty much). She is emotionally very unstable and once I moved out I was with that boyfriend (Levan), he never had a mum so I was put in the mother role for him as a addition to a girlfriend. I definitely project that on all my relationships – bringing myself in the position to take care of someone. To my new guy I’m kind of like a mum, too. I always have to know where he is, I’m afraid he’s not good – I worry all the time.

February 2016, New York City